How’s Our Driving?

Videogum launched on April 8th of “last” year, and the last nine months have been pretty fun, at least for me. I won’t speak for Lindsay. I think Lindsay is kind of miserable, actually. Her latest box cat post is obviously a cry for help. BUT ANYWAY. At this point we’re three-trimesters into this, and I think we’re really starting to get our blog legs.

But we always want to get better. So this is your chance to let us know what you’d like to see us do differently. Let’s make the Videogum of 2009 the best Videogum yet. Do you have a great idea for a recurring feature? Is there a subject you wish we’d write about more? Are there amazing TV shows we’re missing? Let us know, either in an email or in the comments.

Personally, I’d like to see us cover first-run movie-theater movies more. We have a tendency to write about trailers and not follow up on the actual product. So hopefully we’ll do some more of that. We’ve gotten lots of requests (seven requests!) to bring Double Dog back, and we are working on that. There will definitely be new Double Dogs (or is it Doubles Dog? Grammar is hard!) in January. POST-CHRISTMAS MIRACLE. But you guys should send us ideas for those, because they can be hard to come up with. Lindsay particularly enjoys suggestions that involve her singing or dancing on camera, so send lots of those.

Remember, there are no stupid suggestions. Only stupid people making suggestions. So, YOU BETTER DRUMLINE! What? Send us suggestions.

2008, you guys. We did it!