This Is Your Music Video: BassHunter’s “DotA”

You know how it is. After a long day of multi-player on-line gaming you hit the club, toss back a couple of vodka Red Bulls, and then it’s back to the computer lab for some after hours multi-player on-line gaming. PARTY! You push on and you are owning, with the opponents you are toying, and then it’s time to go to the rave and dance to a song about multi-player on-line gaming. Sung by your boyfriend. It’s called Saturday night. Get some.

The lol is on us, though. This video has 9 million views. That is so many. We just got slept on by Basshunter. Oh snap in our face. Not that we didn’t put up a good fight:

Nice one, Lindsay. You got him. (Got=married.)