We Live In A World Of Tremendous Mystery

I don’t want to get all late-night-dorm-room-magic-brownies-philosophical on you, but I think that we all build these constructs for ourselves that make the world seem like a recognizable and understandable place with rules and context and causal relationships, when in reality it is the opposite. With our friendships and our social circles and our daily routines it’s easy to feel like you have a handle on things, like the universe is fundamentally ordered and rational. Of course, every once in awhile something happens that shocks you out of your complacency. It can be as simple as reading a heartbreaking news story from a far-off region of the world, but for an instant you are reminded that your tiny corner of existence is nothing compared to the infinite mass of teeming, entropic life. My point is, SHEEPLE, in reality things are not as clean and cohesive as they seem, shit is really weird, and the world is fucking insane. So while you’re busy shopping for leather iPhone warmers and watching reruns of Who’s Mom Is That?, someone, somewhere, is taping some kind of explosive device to a hammer and blowing up dirt in a field along with a bunch of other dudes with their own explosive device hammers. Huh?

To quote Afrojacks “what the hell is going on here?” This video seems to propose that it’s crazy that that guy got knocked to the ground when he hit his grenade hammer out on the playing field (the sport is called Crazyball What?) without explaining WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS? Are they protesting dirt? For just lying there? Did he win all the points? Huh?