Times Is Tough

I heard somewhere that the current economic crisis is the worst we’ve faced since the Great Depression! That sounds really bad! The Great Depression was ZERO FUN. Anyway, it’s affecting everyone. If you haven’t lost your job by now, you’re definitely worried about losing your job. It’s theoretically a little easier on young people because we don’t depend on our savings in order to eat and buy medicine (side note: what’s savings?). And as someone who has never owned his own home, and does not see owning a home in any variation of the near future, whether he catches the tube or not (Sliding Doors reference, TWO POINTS), I’ve never been happier that there was nothing that could be taken from me. Being broke just means nothing left to lose, but 4 real these days. Nevertheless, shit just got real.

Still, it’s important to remember that we’re all in this together. Even rich people have got it bad. Kind of. Not really. Fuck rich people. But also remember that that there are still jobs out there. Like this job:

(via craigslist)

PLEASE, NO PHONE CALLS ABOUT THIS JOB! Sure. That must be overwhelming.

Man, Televisiom Executives makes me laugh every time. You should apply for this job. I bet it pays a million cheeseburgers a year. Good luck, though, they’re probably looking for someone with a degree from Harbard. Ba-dump-BARF.