The Pick Up Artist 2: Reunion Episode

There is no Pick Up Artist reunion episode.

But there is a video from the “Official” Pick Up Artist season 2 finale viewing party, which was a reunion of sorts. The cast is all there for Simeon’s triumphant moment. Mystery is there. So is that weird “sex therapist prostitute.” Why is she there? Aren’t they cured now? She should be back at the prostitute house, making that money. No indication on whether J-Dawg was there. He flew to close to the sun and his WINGMENS MELTED. Biblical.

Video after the jump.

Oh, and also Matador was there. Naturally.

Hey, wait a second.

GET THAT BABY OUT OF HERE. HE IS A MAJOR DLV SPIKE. Just kidding. A true MPUA knows an opportunity when he sees one. Hey, did you see the fight outside? Your baby’s ugly. I have to go back to my friends in three minutes. Capers.

In the end, Simeon still wants to be a writer (?) and Mystery still dresses like a homeless jester bumming for change outside of Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium. Life goes on.