Now These Are My Kind Of Kittens, Son

Lindsay is the best at posting great kitten videos. You’ll get no argument from me. On an internet crowded with people vying to post the cutest kitten videos, she is the PICK OF THE LITTER. (Nailed it.) But that doesn’t mean she’s the only one who can appreciate them. Did you know that I was the one who introduced her to the kitten video to end all kitten videos, Christian the Lion? True. I’m not trying to show off (your mom’s the one who forwarded it to me in the first place), I’m just saying WHO DOESN’T LIKE KITTENS IN THIS WORLD? But when you work with a total kitten head like Lindsay, sometimes you can feel like it’s not even your place to post a kitten video. Leave it to the master. And usually you’re right.

But not when it’s a parody of Hotstylz “Lookin’ Ass [email protected]@” about kittens called “Lookin’ Kitty.” That’s all mine, and after the jump that’s all yours.

Thanks for the tip, Jane.