Jones’s Big Ass Truck Rental And Storage FTMFW

Everything about this is perfect. All the Gummies are should belong to this.

Our tipster, Edith, pointed out that not only is this ad basically the best thing, but Toby Jones’s homepage is equally enthralling. I’ve included some of the best bits after the jump, but be forewarned: exploring Toby Jones’s world is like falling down the rabbit hole. You will never be the same. If you’re not ready, you might want to think about taking the blue pill. (Matrix joke, 2008! Are there any awards given out for being the most relevant?)

First of all, there’s Toby Jones’s life story. All this is his!

Don’t hate the Street Pharmaceutical Sales Rep, hate the game. And then there is this visual depiction of what Jones’s Big Ass Truck Rental & Storage can do for you:

Incredible. I don’t know what I wish more: that this was real or that Toby Jones was my friend. Not Robert Hines, btw. Toby Jones. Also, when I said that I included “some of the best bits” I really meant “all the bits.” Pretty much. But the site is still worth going to because there’s a pretty sharp looking animated GIF of two trucks passing in the night. Eat your www dot heart out, Jukt Micronics.