Waiting For It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Last night’s season finale was really good. PHEW. Leave them wanting more, am I right you guys? That’s probably the second most important showbiz rule aft–TIMING! So, now that we’ve finished the fourth season, let’s rank the episodes from worst to best. This is a scientific ranking, which means that it is PROVEN and INFALLIBLE.

13. Who Pooped The Bed? (WORST EPISODE EVER)
12. Mac’s Banging The Waitress
11. Dennis Reynolds: An Erotic Life
10. The Gang Cracks The Liberty Bell
9. Mac and Dennis: Manhunters
8. Mac and Charlie Die: Part 2
7. The Gang Gets Extreme Makeover
6. Paddy’s Pup: The Worst Bar In Philadelphia
5. Mac and Charlie Die: Part 1
4. The Gang Solves The Gas Crisis
3. America’s Next Top Paddy’s Billboard Model Contest
2. Finale
1. Sweet Dee Has A Heart Attack

There you have it. Nicely done, science.

In the event that you missed last night’s episode, it borrowed on the favored comedic trope of the past decade: the misguided amateur musical. We’re definitely at the tail end of that trend. I hope. But it was still TBS very funny. Here’s the exciting finale:

Who’s on top and who’s on bottom now?
See you in a year, this show!