Who’s The Cinematographer? Fuzzy Dunlop?

Some cast and crew from The Wire are getting together to film a web series. From the Baltimore Sun blogs:

Former cast and crew members of HBO’s The Wire are starting production in Baltimore tomorrow on a new Web series, Life After Lisa, set and produced in Baltimore.

The series, which is written and created by Elena Moscatt, who ran the craft services department for The Wire during its five seasons, is set at a small college in the Baltimore area. Moscatt attended Goucher College, according to the series’ Website,

Two of the actors who will be featured in the Web series are Method Man and Corey Parker Robinson, cast members of The Wire. Robinson played Detective Leander Sydnor, while Method Man played Calvin “Cheese” Wagstaff. The series will be produced by Brook Yeaton, prop master on the HBO drama. Moscatt is the executive producer.

The series is described as a “romantic mystery” set in the 1980s, which Moscatt wrote as a screenplay while a student at Goucher. She has since re-written it for the Web with episodes running eight to nine minutes long.

Wait a second, the series is written and directed by the head of the craft services department, and produced by the prop master? That is kind of amazing. I guess dreams really do come true. If your dream is to produce a horrible-sounding (sorry) web series in Baltimore. I mean, congratulations, but also Real Talk. Ain’t no nostalgia in this shit here.