Star Trek Martian Graduate!

If you went to see Quantum of Solace last weekend, then you already saw the new Star Trek trailer. And if you didn’t go to see Quantum of Solace last weekend what were you doing last weekend? Anyway, the trailer’s on the internet now, and so are a bunch of long investigations by the N.S.I. (NERD Scene Investigation!!) into what every frame means. I’ll save you the trouble with my ace interpretation: every frame means that this is a very good trailer for a movie that looks like it might be very good. Boom. It’s the law of Gabe’s Razor, which is that the simplest explanation must be the one where you don’t have to be a nerd about everything.

To be fair to the nerds, though, the truth is I never really cared about Star Trek so it’s hard for me to share in the pants wetting excitement. These pants are clean! I did see that one where they travel back in time to 1986 San Francisco and put some whales in their spaceship, or whatever. That was a good one. But I think that I probably would have been way more into Star Trek if it had been more like this:

Star Trek 90210 Mashup!

(via cinemtical)

That’ll do, internet. That’ll do.