Wait A Second, Are We Going To Have To Actually Start Watching Inside The Actor’s Studio?

For their 200th episode, James Lipton handed the interview reins over to Dave Chappelle, and now Ricky Gervais is going to be on the show? What’s going on here? Where are the puff pieces on Wesley Snipes, and the overblown declarations that Sandra Bullock is the actress who defined a generation?

In a recent interview with Conan O’Brien, Ricky Gervais was talking about the taping of this episode and how Inside the Actor’s Studio actually tapes for four and a half hours to cut down to the broadcast hour and how he had to take multiple pee breaks, at which point Conan informed him that he already knew that because HE, TOO was going to be on an upcoming episode of Inside the Actor’s Studio. What? This is like when some nerd you used to pick on in high school suddenly gets REALLY cool and writes, like, THE BEST BLOG, and has really cool friends who make all the funniest VIRAL VIDEOS and you’re like, “No way, that guy? Weird! I wish I had been nicer to him in high school. He is so cool. I love his blog!” I mean, just as an example plucked out of thin air that I just made up.