It Would Be Weird To Ignore John McCain’s Leno Appearance

Which is notable for being his first interview after winning The Biggest Loser, for his joke about how he’s “sleeping like a baby, sleep two hours, wake up and cry”, and for the strange, funereal hushed tones both John and Jay use throughout the interview, as if someone has just died. He seems kind of depressed! But when Jay asks if he thought, watching the reaction to Obama’s election, that “maybe this is bigger than both of us,” he answers “Oh, no.” So let’s not feel too sorry for the old man. Now he has time to learn how to run a computer!

Part 2: The Palin Question. He’s still saying Mavericks:

Part 3: Jay asks John if he’ll run again in 2012:

You know who I want to see an interview with? CINDY. Don’t disappear on us, Cindy McCain!