Fair And Balanced When It Comes To Puppies

Lindsay and I have, for better or for worse, come to be defined by our “beats.” Each of us approaches the day’s influx of kitten videos and fart news with our own agenda. It’s that push and pull dynamic that makes Videogum what it is (stupid). But, like any meaningful system for critique and analysis, it’s important to occasionally step back, to be reminded of the things you might have missed due to your myopic set of highly specialized interests. Afterwards, you can return to your blind faith in your own judgment, but it’s important to be kept in check. It keeps you honest. But that process is hard to do on your own. Often you need someone who can objectively see what your weaknesses are, or what your blinders are keeping from your purview.

I guess my point is that they can’t all be slinky cats, miniature ponies, or puppy cams, Lindsay. OPEN YOUR EYES. There is a whole world of weird, broken animals that you are totally overlooking in your pursuit of the new cuteness. Like this one.

(via UniqueDaily)

Haha. Awww. You know what, nevermind. Even when they are ridiculous and broken-faced, animals are still the cutest. Back to work.