Girl Talk Is A PC

This is so complicated.

(via Stereogum)

Look, there’s no such thing as selling out. Everyone has to make it through the day and put food on the table. Besides, how much do you really think Microsoft shelled out for this commercial? I’m guessing 50 dollars and half a dozen day old bagels from the Jerry Seinfeld Microsoft commercial set. There is absolutely no shame in honest money made for a hard day’s work.

THAT BEING SAID, there is such a thing as diluting the cultural potency of your work by tossing off bland non-truths like “computer software is the most punk rock thing that’s ever happened,” while a Nintendo 8-bit soundtrack that doesn’t really sound anything like your music plays nonconfrontationally in the background so that a multi-billion dollar corporation that has consistently faced international anti-monopoly lawsuits for its market restrictive practices can scrape a little of the cool veneer off of their sleek competitor’s hipster edge. REAL Talk.