Some Things Will Never Change We Can Believe In

Barack Obama may be the president-elect. America may have entered a new phase of democratic uplift. A renewed sense of urgency and patriotism may be sweeping through the hearts of so many who’ve felt abandoned and insulted by the past eight years of disastrous foreign policy, tarnished world image, and Bush Administration arrogance. We may, while recognizing the challenges facing Obama, hold on to the cherished hope that while he is after all a politician, and all politicians are limited by the constraints of the political system, he can usher in massive reforms not only in Washington, but in the confidence others have in their own capacities to effect change, ushering in a domino effect of positive energy, exceptional ambition, and heightened sense of purpose. But one thing has not changed, and that is the way Steven Seagal runs:

(via Gorilla Mask)

Why does he run like that? Look at his hands! CUT IT OUT, STEVEN SEAGAL, YOU’RE MAKING ME LAUGH TOO HARD.