Um, What Was Up With All The Holograms?

Man. Last night was historic. Yes, the United States elected the first black president. But more importantly, HOLOGRAMS were finally introduced into major news broadcasts. And not just any holograms. WILL.I.AM holograms!

Um…whuuuuut? is the worst. Beam him to jail, Scotty. But also back to my original question, whuuuuut? I do love that Anderson Cooper had to stay calm and professional when he said “we’re now being joined via hologram…” Because no.

Not that CNN was alone in being so ridiculous. I can’t seem to find any footage on-line from NBC’s election night coverage, but that was equally insane. The pundits would stand in this CGI rotunda on an animated dais that had spinning wheels of etched runes rotating around them on the floor. So weird. It was like an all-night competition to see which network could have the best representation of a teenager in 1987’s vision of the future.

Although the clear winner of the night for Best Graphics was totally The Daily Show’s Indecision 2008, because this is incredible:

I will take rhino using a laser canon to place a golden helm on Barack Obama’s head over a hologram any day. Or any Black Eyed Peas hologram, actually.