You Know, We Could Have Found This Crude And Distasteful Even Without The Economic Collapse

An article in Ad Age yesterday (via Film Drunk) points out some of the problems that the upcoming romantic comedy Confessions of a Shopaholic might face now that, you know, the economy is all like “PEACE OUT!”

People familiar with the production say that what could have been a valentine to brands and a love affair of soft marketing dollars now is causing some hand-wringing at the Bruckheimer bungalows. The Dow is repeatedly shown cresting 12,000 points. One character secures a massive credit line he doesn’t need just to show off how powerful he is.

Oh man, if we weren’t facing the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, a movie about a woman with a compulsive shopping addiction being sucked into a downward spiral of superficial signifiers of self-worth and offensive displays of excessive consumption would be HILARIOUS!

The children of Darfur say “This would have been a lot funnier two summers ago!”

Also, this is why marketing executives are the worst:

“I would play up the cartoon-y nature of it,” said one [marketing executive], “I mean, how can you make light of a girl being $9,400 in debt? You never saw “Sex and the City” as a show about love in the time of AIDS: They kept it light and presented this fairy-tale version of life. ‘Sex and the City’ doesn’t show the reality of what it’s like to be 40 without a man. It’s cotton candy.”

Um, aren’t all shows basically “a show about love in the time of AIDS” now? Unless we cured AIDS and I was too busy googling “watch fart baby accident” to notice, in which case, yay us! Also, shut up, marketing executives.