50 Cent And The Kingdom Of The OMG Is That A Skull? LOLOL!

It’s already been well established that 50 Cent’s upcoming videogame, Blood on the Sand, is incredible. It’s the only game that combines one of the biggest names in hip hop and the War in Iraq. And players are given the thrill of “an all out battle to protect 50 Cent’s assets.” Siiiiick. But a new trailer for the game that just went online (via Nah Right) gives us a little bit more of the back story behind just what caused an international pop star with an 18 bedroom mansion in Connecticut (thug life!) to don a flak jacket, go to Iraq, and jump spin crescent kick someone out of a helicopter. Um, give 50 Cent his diamond-encrusted skull back?

If you look up “perfection” in the dictionary there’s a picture of this game.