Sitcom Sophie’s Choice: Watch 30 Rock Online Today, Or With Friends Next Week?

At 3pm Eastern,12pm Pacific time today (exact time scoop!), NBC will put the full premiere episode of 30 Rock’s much-needed Season 3 online simultaneously on Hulu and The “real” premiere on the TV set is next Thursday, so what’s a fan to do? The 30 Rock watching experience will be dulled by the solitary, distracted nature of online viewing, but OMFG what are Liz and Jack doing in the above scene? A re-enactment of Dirty Dancing? A careful analysis of Liz’s shirt shows it to be the same one she wears in a scene from the promo for the premiere episode with guest star Megan Mullally, so it’s safe to assume that that mysterious scene (no doubt a one-off joke, but a lot of us still care) happens in the episode premiering online today. My personal premiere-plan is to try to resist peeking until tonight, when I’ll hook my computer up to the TV with one of those thingies and watch with a friend or two (and if that doesn’t work, gather ’round the laptop like an old time radio.) But it might be hard to resist the siren-song of the best comedy ever, just a few clicks away. No matter what choice you or I make, this season is going to be Epic.