Soulja Boy’s Instructions On How To Look Ridiculous

Look, I think we all agree that the strictest interpretation of arcane signifiers of patriarchal masculinity is a losing philosophy. I’m not arguing for some kind of extroverted “metrosexuality” either (and if you ever hear me actually say that word out loud, you have my permission to chop my head off and bury it in the ground), some aspects of tradition can be reassuring and helpful in constructing a stable and confident self-image. But I do think that we’re all of the mind that there is some unavoidable fluidity in modern gender roles, and that there’s nothing wrong with a guy who doesn’t care about sports (guilty) and who not only thinks Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend” is a piece of perfectly-crafted pop music, but has mouthed along to the lyrics on the train (no comment). To summarize, I guess I’m just saying that people should feel comfortable in their own skin, unburdened by societal pressures to conform to some kind of oppressive cultural ideal of what it means to be a man or a woman.

Except for Soulja Boy. He should feel all kinds of mad pressure to not make any more videos like this.

Whatever. Just a bunch of dudes enjoying each other’s company and making an earnest video about how to dance like a bird. It’s cool (it’s not cool).