Like A Copycat Killer But For Viral Videos

Well, this day had to come. Someone’s taken the brilliant idea behind the “Literal Version” series of parodic music videos and done their own for Radiohead’s “No Surprises.”

Whoops! Couple of quick pro-tips for anyone else who plans on being a totes rip-off artiste (GROSS! I REALLY JUST GROSSED MYSELF OUT RIGHT THERE!): if you’re going to take someone else’s idea, at least take it better. It’s admirable that this guy chose a non-’80s song so as not to be completely up that other video’s butt (Video butt. What is happening in this post?) But at the same time, one of the reasons ’80s videos work so well is because everyone kind of cares about those songs for nostalgic reasons, but also can laugh at those songs because remember how we all used to dress back then? (Or were three?) Whereas with Radiohead a lot of people just kind of really like them so much. But here is the real pro-tip only for the super-pros: if you’re going to make a parody video in which you rewrite the lyrics to a song so that they are about what’s happening in the video PICK A VIDEO WHERE SOMETHING HAPPENS. “FAIL Plastic Trees” and also “Exit Music (For a FAIL).”