Homophobia Is So Chill (NOT!)

Radar dug up some pretty sweet videos, bro. They’re all about California’s ballot measure for a constitutional amendment defining marriage as between a man and a woman. And that’s fresh. The thing is, though, a lot of people might not feel comfortable voting yes on Proposition 8 because they might think it’s not what chill young people do. But it’s totally so laid back. And it’s important for young people to understand that opposing the right to gay marriage doesn’t conflict with your other interests, like cocaine parties, Sufjan Stevens, and dressing like a pile of dirty laundry. That is why some totally rad Prop 8 supporters made these super informative and totally chillaxed videos about what’s so great about refusing equal rights to other human beings.

See, dudes. Don’t let your annoying boyfriend force you into having logic and reasoning to back up your bigoted opinion. You are entitled to your indefensible position, and it’s completely typical of him to throw your friendships with others in your face. What’s he trying to do, put a human face on the question? BREAK UP WITH HIM. And it’s totally possible to love your gay friends, but that doesn’t mean you can’t also kind of hate them. Legally. Chiilllllll.

OK, that one is actually my favorite. That guy looks just like you! He used to like Modest Mouse but feels like they’re kind of played out, too! He doesn’t feel like this is an issue of acceptance, rights, and bigotry. It is, but he doesn’t feel like it. Because it’s not necessarily inconsistent to have gay friends and vote for Proposition 8. Not necessarily. I mean, it is. But not necessarily. But it is. Unless you hate your friends (see above). Then it is totes consistent.

More videos over at Radar. They are all cramazing. California, you guys.