“How’s That For Drill, Baby, Drill?”

This video is a couple of days old. But the expression “so what!” is even older.

(via Mark Lisanti)

I would just like to make it very clear that the reason this is funny has nothing to do with the fact that Sarah Palin is an overly proud woman who uses her ignorance and failings as a George Bushian mark of her courage and conviction, and is not at all because the extent of my displeasure with her as a national political candidate seeking to be this nation’s second-in-command to an aging rageaholic who refuses to be forthcoming with the American people about his health as if that is not an extraordinarily important issue in regards to his candidacy, and in particular his candidacy as it is tied to this embarrassingly unashamed Governor of Alaska resolves itself in a schadenfreude desire to see her hurt. It’s funny because Terry Tate could flying tackle the phonebook and it would be funny.