Analyzing The Winner Of Project Runway After Not Watching Project Runway

I gave up on Project Runway a couple of seasons ago. It was fun at first. But because I have no real interest in ever wearing a dress made out of lettuce, the show lacks some of the appeal that a competition like Top Chef has (I eat every day!) And while I respect the nod towards meritocratic success that Bravo’s reality programming makes, their flashy editing and legally enforced lack of sexual interaction between competitors means that it’s not as disgustingly enthralling as, say, every hour of every show on VH1. But I recognize that people still watch Project Runway, and that some people might even still care. Maybe very much! So let’s discuss the winner. Since I didn’t actually watch the show, I’m going to have to go mostly (entirely) on the Project Runway homepage biographical information.


Oh man, you guys, aren’t you excited/disappointed that Leanne won? She was my favorite/least favorite all season. At one point it seemed like that other competitor was going to beat her because she was relying too much on her experience as a graphic designer and couldn’t break out of her comfort zone, but in the final show I think she just totally killed/bombed it. I couldn’t believe it when Michael Kors said that ridiculous thing about her design as if anyone has given a shit about Michael Kors since 1998. It just goes to show you that the best/cutest person always wins on these shows, and it renews my faith/disgust in Heidi and the judges.

Did I nail it? Because I’m pretty sure I just nailed it.