Flight Of The Conchords Pre-Taped Acceptance Speeches Better Than All The New Fall Sitcoms

The Flight of the Conchords won four awards at the New Zealand Music Awards, including Breakthrough Artist, Best Group, Best Album, and International Achievement. They weren’t able to attend the awards because they were in the United States taping the second season of their HBO show, which is kind of the sadness of the whole New Zealand Awards System that you mostly have to leave New Zealand if you really want to start cleaning up on all the statues. But anyway, they pre-taped four acceptance speeches, and every single one of them, even the second one which isn’t even really funny, is better than Gary Unmarried and Do Not Disturb combined. Shit, I’ll even throw in Chuck, because I consider any show “new” until at least three people have watched it. [UPDATE: “is better than Gary Unmarried and Do Not Disturb and that SNL clip Lindsay just posted combined.”]