Real Chance Of Love To Feature All Your Girlfriends

VH1 Blog has some preview clips from the upcoming spin-off series Real Chance Of Love, in which Stallionaire brothers Real and Chance (Get the title now? Because of their names? It’s called a pun and it’s hilarious) will live in some kind of sadness ranch and try to find two women to pretend to fall in love with, Flavor of Rock of Love-style.

This must be so weird for you. It’s always awkward when you go to a party and an ex-girlfriend is there, but to watch a TV show and see ALL OF YOUR GIRLFRIENDS in the same place? Seriously, though, Bubbles has a point. If those girls were educated they would know that we’re all animals because we’re the human species duh. Oh, also, one of the girls on this show is nicknamed “Meatball.” MEATBALL! The history of entertainment just exploded in a giant fireball of incredible. The end.