Snoozetown: John McCain To Appear On Letterman After All

Remember a couple of weeks ago when John McCain didn’t show up to the Late Show with David Letterman and Letterman spent all that time on the air making fun of him? Shrug. From the New York Post:

McCain representatives and “Late Show” executives are negotiating an appearance on Letterman’s show sometime around the final presidential debate on Oct. 15, according to knowledgeable sources.

Lame. The whole reason that Letterman’s complaints about McCain’s absence were even funny in the first place was because it seemed like a momentary lapse in the carefully manicured media presentation of the election. He took what was ultimately a routine slight on the part of an over-scheduled guest and turned it into a jarring and aggressive critique of McCain’s actual candidacy for President. But if it turns out that the whole thing was just an exaggerated but earnest attempt to get McCain to make good on his promise to visit the stupid show, then that is boring, and David Letterman is boring, and he should go to Lame Jail and think about what he’s done. He can come back when he’s made amends to those that he has bored.

On the other hand! If David Letterman spends the entirety of his renewed interview with John McCain criticizing him for failed policies and the recklessly cynical choice of Sarah Palin for Vice President, then he will be immediately pardoned from Lame Jail and crowned King of Good Job Town. Perfect. I can’t believe this blog hasn’t just replaced the Associated Press at this point.