The Videogum “Louis C.K. Promise”: Don’t Play Games

Promises are important, you guys. When you make a promise, you stick to it. Mostly that just means don’t make stupid promises. We make very few promises at Videogum because we recognize that we spend most of our time disappointing people, why make it a contractual obligation to disappoint. But when we do make promises, as is the case with both the “Tracy Morgan Promise” and the “Louis C.K. Promise,” promises to bring you the latest information and video footage of these two high caliber talents, those promises are set in stone. In blood. In stones covered in blood. The truest promise. And so it’s always kind of a relief when we are able to simultaneously fulfill the promise and also bring you something that knocks it out of the park. The promise park. I need to shut up now.

Louis C.K. was on Conan last night and it is the eight funniest minutes of the day. Watch it. And then watch it some more. Watch this all day.

Louis C.K. for president of everything! Make sure to watch his acceptance speech (for president of everything), Chewed Up, on Showtime this Saturday, 11PM.