This Is The Part Of Running For President That Candidates Everyone Hates

MTV’s Sway put on his Formal Knit Rasta Hat to interview Barack Obama and Joe Biden, because that’s something that needed to happen, and eventually touched upon the subject of hip hop. Leave it to Sway to ask the questions no one else dared thought wanted felt was even remotely appropriate or relevant to ask.

You can almost see Barack Obama’s face melt off his head at the beginning, but then he catches himself and makes sure that his face doesn’t melt off his head. Meanwhile Joe Biden’s like “Hip hop? Never heard of him.”

CAREFUL with all this iPod business, us. It’s a slippery slope towards asking the candidates what their Facebook status is, and making them play Marry/Fuck/Kill with the Jonas Brothers, and next thing you know, the rivers are running with Brawndo and no one votes because it takes too much precious time away from batin’.

Oh, also, shut up, Sway.