Which New TV Show Is The Most Popular Based On A Ridiculous Scale Of Measurement?

It’s been a few weeks since this year’s crop of new shows started, and the question on everyone’s mind is HOW ARE THEY DOING IN TERMS OF FACEBOOK? Admittedly, that is not a question on anyone’s mind. You could have Walter Bishop create a global neuroscanalyzer out of a softserve ice cream machine in the Massive Dynamic cafeteria and it would show you in pictographic images how not a single brain in the whole world is thinking about that. But just because a question isn’t being asked doesn’t mean it doesn’t have an answer. Many of this fall’s shows are already pulling ahead of the pack by the one true measurement (not the one true measurement) of pop cultural relevance: the Facebook fan page.

So, how ARE this fall’s new shows doing in terms of Facebook?

At the top of the heap is 90210, with 37,051 fans.

That makes sense. Out of all the new shows, that’s the one that seems most tailored to Facebook success. I’m not arguing in favor of tailoring shows for Facebook success, I’m just saying. I mean, if anything I feel quite the opposite. If anything I feel that all shows should be made to confuse and embarrass Facebook users. Somehow. But I am acknowledging that the relevance of 90210 to the Facebook community is predictable. Congratulations?

The next most popular show with the youth is the JJ Abrams paranormal FBI procedural, Fringe, with 12,907 fans.

For some reason when i watch Fringe I feel like I am the only one. It must have something to do with how the show feels like a carelessly put together throwback to late ’90s FOX, with a little bit of the WB mixed in. Not to mention the fact that it’s kind of boring, completely outlandish, and reeks of cancellation. But there is some comfort in knowing that when I am on my couch wondering how many writers it takes to come up with Walter’s hammy dialogue (answer: no writers), I can take comfort in the fact that 12,907 teenagers are watching with me.

How about True Blood?

Not bad True Blood. It just goes to show that if there is one thing the American public in general and the adolescent American public in particular have an insatiable desire for it’s vampire stories. We love those vampires! Those vampires are our boyfriend.

Things start to get kind of rough, though, when we turn our attention to the sitcoms.

Woof. I have not watched Worst Week, but I have heard OK things about it. Apparently I’m not the only one who hasn’t watched it, and apparently OK things is not enough. Still, Worst Week can take some solace in one thing. It is not Gary Unmarried.