Epic Cop Fails: Part One

Cop 1: So I says to the guy, ‘If you don’t get your hands on the wheel where I can see ‘em, you won’t have any hands.’ Because I was going to shoot the guy’s hands. I mean, I wasn’t really going to shoot the guy’s hands, but he don’t know that. I made it seem like I was going to. The guy says, ‘I would officer, but I don’t have any hands,’ and it turns out he ain’t got any hands, and he’s just steering the car with these, like, metal prosthee–how you say it?
Cop 2: Prostheses.
Cop 1: Whatchu said. Anyway now I’m just saying ‘Excuse me, sir, my apologies,’ because I didn’t notice this guy had no hands and here I am, like some schmuck, threatening to shoot his hands off. I mean, he was still going 89 miles an hour in a 45, so I gave him the maximum ticket, but I would say that was probably the most embarrassing moment on the job.
Cop 2: Yeah. My most embarrassing moment is after the jump.

(via YTR via Fail Blog)

Cop 2: So I says to the kid, Oh, that’s your penis. Because what else do you say to the kid? I didn’t know it was his penis.