Hills Death Watch: Audrina Patridge

Our national Hills nightmare is almost over, guys. TMZ reported last night that Audrina was moving out of Conrad Estates, which we kind of saw coming, right? No one really believed that nonsense about her and Lauren crying and being friends who care about each other. Plus all those talks with Justin Bobby when he’s like “you’ve got to just hack into the mainframe and become pure energy” had to have an effect. But TMZ also report that she’s going to be starring in her own spin-off show:

Sources close to Audrina tell TMZ a spin-off show starring Audrina is “in the works.” And it’s all happening fast — moving trucks are in front of the house she shares with Lauren Conrad and Lauren Bosworth right now.

The spin-off news comes on the same day it was announced she’ll be starring in a horror movie called “Sorority Row.” We smell an Oscar!

So Whitney’s getting her own show about living a bi-coastal lifestyle and working in fashion, and Audrina’s getting her own show about…bathing suits and light breakfasts. If the producers think they can fill those two gaps in the cast with Holly Montag and Stephanie Pratt, they need to not think that.

I’m telling you, guys, it’s all really happening. Stick a plastic spoon from Pinkberry in it, that show is done.