Sarah Palin Thinks That She Looks Hilarious

Sarah Palin not only watched Tina Fey’s impersonation of her on last weekend’s Saturday Night Live, but she thought it was hilarious. Kind of. I mean, she didn’t hear it. But she saw Tina Fey dressed like her. That part was hilarious. From Reuters:

The Alaska governor and GOP vice presidential candidate told Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity that she watched the “SNL” skit that opened the late-night show’s new season last Saturday.

“I watched it with the volume all the way down,” Palin said. “I thought it was hilarious.”

Palin said she “didn’t hear a word she said but the visual (was) spot on.”

Sure. That’s mostly how comedy works anyway. People dress up like you and you laugh and if you hear them say words it’s just bonus. I know that one’s ability to make decisions about how one watches Saturday Night Live doesn’t really reflect on one’s ability to make decisions as the Vice President of the United States. But if it did, I would think that Sarah Palin was a horrible candidate for that position.