The 10 Best Moments From Total Request Live

It’s the end of an era! E! reports that the show that gave us Carson Daly (thanks for that) is ending:

Executive producer Dave Sirulnick said Monday that the final episode of TRL will air in November.

Aww. Now MTV won’t even have TRL to mention when people say “Hey, do you guys ever play music videos?” It used to be, “Sure we do, on a horrible show called TRL. We only play 30-second clips of them, and the rest is sweeping shots of children screaming on fold-out bleachers in a painfully designed studio while Vanessa Minnillo pretends she can read, but yeah, totally. Music Television!” Now it’s just going to be like, “Nope. No.”

We can expect a lot of reminiscence over the next few weeks, like this one:

“I’m going to miss TRL,” Eminem, who graced the show’s Times Square studio many times over the years, said in a statement. “Where else will I be able to start feuds, defend my honor vigorously and act like an angry teenager on national TV? Oh wait…the VMAs!”

Ew, what? Eminem did not say that in a statement. His PR intern who’s also taking Level 1 classes at the UCB said that in a statement. Yuck. Besides, when was the last time Eminem acted like an angry teenager on national TV? Let me guess, the last time he was invited on TV? So, what, 2004? ZING! I’m zinging out my closet!

After the jump, the 10 best moments from TRL.

Just kidding. There are no good moments from TRL. GOTCHA.