When You Wrestle With This T-Shirt, You’re Going To Get Wet With Fashion

In the final entry of Videogum’s Fashion Week wherein we have partnered with Neighborhoodies as part of their ThinkUp program to present you with five of the best Videogum-related t-shirts ever, we offer you a design that is particularly near and dear to my heart.

Buy it here. As with all of the t-shirts this week, all of the proceeds go to the ASPCA. So if you don’t buy one, you’re basically killing all the animals. I think that’s how the ASPCA works. They have access to all the animals and decide whether they live or die based on t-shirt purchases. So don’t be part of the problem, be part of the solution. And that’s fresh.

Our other shirts:
Al Joker shirt
Bill O’Reilly’s Do It Live shirt
That’s Your Boyfriend shirt
Queen Baby shirt

Thanks to Neighborhoodies for helping to make our dreams become a 100 percent cotton reality, and also thank you to the ASPCA for keeping your finger off the “kill all the animals” button, and thank you guys IN ADVANCE for buying one of each.