Tim And Eric Awesome Ben Folds Video Great Job!

Tim and Eric directed and star in this Ben Folds music video, you guys:

It’s an unfair world in which Britney Spears takes home three MTV Video Music Awards and the guy at the end of this video wearing the bluetooth doesn’t get any. That guy’s the best in video. Although, I didn’t actually watch the VMAs. He probably won a few. Congratulations!

Also, is it just me, or do you start to get the impression that Tim and Eric don’t actually make comedy videos. They’re just constantly being filmed by a documentary crew as they go about the business of building a life together. A terrifying life that needs to stop making that face! They definitely live in California, too, you can tell, because there’s nowhere on the East Coast with a warehouse big enough to hold all the creeps these guys hang out with. Where do they get such wonderful creeps?