Fringe: Been There, Done That

You guys, JJ Abrams’s Fringe premiered last night! That would be worth talking about except that I wrote about the first episode already, back in June when it leaked online. I’ve been going through my old recap, though, to see if it holds up, and I think it does:

When Dunham wakes up she discovers that Agent Smith didn’t die in the explosion, but he was sprayed with a chemical that is making his skin go translucent, and they are keeping him in quarantine. A careful analysis of the explosion shows that this makes sense.


Dunham finds out that research on a chemical agent that would dissolve flesh was done before by a scientist named Walter Bishop, but he’s in an insane asylum (obviously). Dunham asks Lance Reddick to help her, and he’s like “You can’t talk to him,” and she’s like “But I need to,” and he’s like “Go talk to him, and then I’ll see if I believe you”? What? They are so weird. But the only way to get to Walter Bishop is if she’s related to him or has a relative escort her, so she tracks down his son Peter Bishop, who is in Iraq doing some business (relevant). She is like “help me,” and he’s like “I’d rather be in Iraq than see my father,” so you know it’s bad, but then she’s like “I have a file on you,” and he’s like “OK,” and they fly back in the luxury private jet that I’ve heard most FBI agents travel on all the time.

Read the rest of the recap here. I actually only wrote about the first half of the episode for some reason (that reason being that I am a genius, and the best at what I do). Feel free to recap the rest of the premiere in the comments if you think it’s so easy (it is so easy).