Skip This David Gregory Noise, Let’s Get Diddy In The MSNBC Anchor Seat

It was reported yesterday that Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews will be relieved of their duties as co-chairs of MSNBC’s prime time election season coverage because they were fighting too much. David Gregory will be replacing them. Some people are claiming that the shake up is in response to right wing complaints that the network was showing a distinct liberal bias, and apparently the people at NBC were also upset because it reflected negatively on the objectivity of their August institution insofar as it shozzzzzzzzzzz. God, who cares? So boring! Diddy blog! Diddy blog! Diddy blog!

What? Two weeks ago Diddy was complaining that he couldn’t fly in his private jet that he doesn’t even have because fuel prices were too high, but now that they’re slightly lower he can not only fly in the jet that he doesn’t have but he’ll just leave all his cars running for no good reason? That’s called devil’s advocate. Put this motherfucker on the TV! Make him tell the news. He’ll tell it! Seriously, though, him and Sexman. Done. Most watched hour of TV news in the business. News be buggin’. Shut it down, son. Shut the whole thing down. We’re done.