I Am Milk Trailer

Milk is the new film from Gus Van Sant about Harvey Milk, the first openly gay man elected to public office as a city supervisor in San Francisco. He was also murdered (natch, America is #1!) by a fellow city supervisor (un-natch, WHUUUT?). Trailer, you guys:

I like Gus Van Sant and I think that this movie looks interesting and that Harvey Milk’s story is one that definitely deserves to actually be told (sorry, Ray. You are bullshit) but I can’t shake the painful and distracting echoes of I Am Sam in Sean Penn’s performance. He likes to hear the homosexual community read, because it makes him happy, it makes him happy when the homosexual community reads. Yikes. He should win some kind of lifetime achievement Oscar for all the hard work he’s done trying to get one. A Special Oscar if you will.