Michael Phelps To Guest Star, Bomb On Entourage

Michael Phelps’s third appearance in as many days has been confirmed, this time on the HBO series Entourage. Says Us Weekly:

The Olympic swimmer shot a cameo appearance for Entourage with Kevin Connolly in NYC Thursday, HBO confirmed to

I’ve been giving Michael Phelps 12,000 calories of shit this week for what I think are going to be disastrous performances as the host of the season premiere of Saturday Night Live and as a presenter at the VMAs, but this appearance might actually prove Blagg’s theory right. There’s something about him just being himself in an otherwise scripted show combined with characters who are the dramatic equivalent of a Smirnoff Ice commercial that is so volatile it should be entered in a science fair. And lose. Oh, and he’s not even appearing on regular Entourage in Los Angeles? What, he couldn’t be bothered? Big race coming up, champ? Why am I so mad at Michael Phelps?

The fifth season of Entourage debuts September 7.