Hey, Where Is The Australia Push Back Date Outrage?

Harry Potter fans aren’t the only ones who have to suffer the INCREDIBLE DISREGARD of Hollywood. Now that Warner Bros. has callously pushed Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince back 8 months (let’s all kill ourselves), FOX is showing the same kind of epic disdain for Baz Luhrmann fans (or Big Luhrmenn, as they call themselves on message boards). Variety reports:

SYDNEY – Fox is shifting its big-ticket outback romance “Australia” to Nov. 26.

“Australia” was slated to release Stateside Nov. 14, about 48-hours after its November 13 world preem Down Under, but now the Oz date will also shift to tally with the U.S. Recently, Warner Bros. moved its next “Harry Potter” movie from Nov. 21 to next summer.

That’s a change of almost two weeks! Do they really think that the fewer than half-dozen people who care about this movie are just going to sit around and take this cruelty? We demand that Australia be released on November 26th, AS PROMISED. This is just an attempt by the studios to MAKE MONEY.

Sorry, FOX, but you just signed your death certificate (?) because me and 25-year-old Patrick Allen are going to be marching on your corporate offices. All both of us. Give or take me.