Setting Back Viral Videos 100 Years


(via Unique Daily)

I sent this to comedian Joe Mande Dot Com.

joe: don’t try this workout
joe: it’s only for the disenfranchised
gabe: no offense to any black people out there, but i don’t think you need a bus stop to do push ups
joe: you do if you have a ghetto pass
joe: which i believe is a small yellow star
gabe: hahahahahaha
joe: jews had a 24 hour ghetto workout
joe: (crying)
gabe: oof
joe: (playing fiddle)
joe: too old?
joe: too old.

To answer your question, yes. My family did survive the Holocaust and struggle through generations of hard work so that me and my stupid friends could make lazily offensive genocide jokes in reaction to a stereotype-promoting video about black people using the ghetto to perform prison-tested exercise routines. This is like the Sarah Silverman starring in Roberto Benigni’s Life Is Beautiful featuring a soundtrack by Chuck D of blogs.