The Cover Of The Gossip Girl Season 2 DVD Promo Screener Is The Funniest Thing

“Oh gosh, no, Chuck. I couldn’t eat another piece. Not to mention the fact that i like my pie served on a plate. And I like to eat human-sized portions of pie. That piece of pie is as big as your hand which is as big as your face. No, it’s not a trick of the perspective. Your body is insane. Chuck, could you do me a favor? The next time you’d like to know if I am ready for more pie, could you just ask me? I think it’s weird that you texted me “ready4more?” when I’m standing right in front of you. Chuck, why are you looking at me like that? All you’re doing is offering me a piece of pie and yet I feel that if I am to take this slice of pie I would somehow be entering into a consensual agreement to be raped and then eaten by you. Well you should look in the mirror because you’re definitely making an “I’m going to rape and eat you if you take this piece of pie” face. What did you do to the pie, Chuck? What’s in the pie? What’s in the pie, Chuck? No, I am not ready for any more pie, I told you that. I don’t care if you’re Chuck Bass, no more pie. I’m done.”

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[image via TV Week]