Look At These Two Gay Guys Being So Gay

Even before I started working my way through the first season of Gossip Girl (I just finished the Christmas episode, and frankly I find it hard to believe that Serena would spend Christmas morning prancing around in a red negligee in front of Bart Bass, who she claims to hate, but forget it, Gabe, it’s Chinatown) I had heard the rumors that two of the shows stars, Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick, were boyfriend and boyfriend. But a new picture circulating today of the two actors taking a break on the set of season 2 proves unconditionally that these two fairy queens are totally gay homos for each other.

See? You have to agree with the other blogs today that this is so gay. For one, only gay people take breaks from work. So that’s suspicious right off the bat. Secondly, gay people love sitting on the grass. Straight people are like “I will sit on a bench, or I will stand, thank you very much.” it’s also crazy gay of them to be talking. They should be punching each other in the face, like real men do. Real men stand around working without a break and punching each other in the face. That’s how you know they only fuck girls. Look at these guys. Get a room! In Massachusetts! Unbelievable.