[Sponsored] Fujifilm Z Spot Miami Contest

Z-Spot NowWe once again interrupt Videogum’s usual posting schedule of viral fart videos and behind-the-scenes Jennie Garth news in order to display our second post that is an actual advertisement. Fuji won’t quit with the contests. In case you are worried that we’re tarnishing our reputation as the single most dependable blog source for Animals Having Sex With Other Animals And Also Trees by having corporate sponsorship from time to time, please know that we could have gotten into bed with way worse advertisers than Fuji. Like, Phillip Morris. Phillip Morris loves our site, but we said “Sorry, Phillip Morris, no way, you’re too yucky.” Just kidding. If you’re reading this Phillip Morris, let’s talk about a sponsorship deal. Baby needs a new pair of iPhones.

The Grand prize includes a roundtrip plane ticket and 2 night stay in Miami for 2, $300 in spending money, a Miami Helicopter tour with limo transportation, 2 VIP tickets to the Z Spot Now Miami event and 2 Fujifilm FinePix Z20 Digital Cameras. Again, decent!

All you have to do to enter is create a logo for Fuji’s Z20. We have no idea why the people at Fuji thought that we would be remotely qualified to even enter this contest, much less promote it, but that’s not our problem. And as we always say, rent is rent.

Lindsay went for a sleek and stylish Body Mod theme:

While Gabe took the request that the logo be “a hip, urban makeover that reflects today’s urban design trends” very much to heart.

We’ve always sort of been under the impression that Miami was a Sadscape of overly tan Walking Nightmares who feasted on each other’s low self-worth in the back of lipstick red leased convertibles. If you win this contest you can go to Miami and prove us wrong! Or right!

Enter here.