Matt Lauer Takes Al Roker To Everything School

On this morning’s Today, Matt Lauer and Al Roker performed some male tandem rhythmic gymnastics.

This video may seem like a couple of high-paid TV personalities just having a little fun between more serious segments on how peanut butter is murdering your children and what to do if there are no good parking spaces at the mall, but it’s actually an important document of Today’s talent hierarchy. If you will notice, Matt just totally owns this segment. He’s clearly in on the joke, and yet he sells it with his straight face and his lithe movements. Meanwhile, you’ve got Al “Pull My Finger” Roker over there, who is doing his best to mimic Matt, but can’t help but shuffle his feet in an apologetic half-step, as if to say “don’t worry, guys, I am just kidding.” He keeps himself from cracking a fart-eating grin, yes, but only by putting on his “serious face.” I’m just saying that this video perfectly delineates why Matt Lauer is put in charge of the big boy news, and Al Roker is reduced to tossing it over to local weathermen and Willard Scott’s Smuckers 100 report.

Because Al Roker sucks.