My Sight Unseen Early Review Of The New 90210

As a few blogs reported late yesterday, the CW has decided not to send advance screeners of the new 90210 to TV reviewers and reporters. Traditionally, of course, when producers keep their project away from critical eyes until release date it’s because they fear bad press. Well, I am sorry, CW, but no one sends me advanced screeners, so you can’t stop me from writing an early review.

My Review of the New 90210, Written Without Having Seen the New 90210
by Gabriel Delahaye

When the original 90210 came out, there wasn’t a show about wealthy teenagers living in Rich Town, so it seemed fresh and new. Now there is The Hills and Gossip Girl, and recently there was The O.C. and Laguna Beach. The fact of the matter is we don’t need a new 90210. The market for this show is glutted.

Also it sucks.

The end.

I learned in Journalism School that you should always end your reviews with “The End.” It lets people know that you’re a professional.