The Rock-Afire Explosion And The End Of The Internet

The Rock-Afire Explosion performs Arcade Fire’s “Neighborhood 1 (Tunnels),” you guys:

You can tell that summer’s ending when we go from “Love in This Club” to shooting Mitzi Mozzarella in the eye with some kind of hypodermic syringe full of what was that?

This video was put together as part of the Songs Bidding Competition, where you can submit your favorite band’s song to be performed by the Rock-afire Explosion and if enough people agree that’s a good idea, they’ll prove it using their wallet. They’ve upped the winning bid to $200 to cover costs and labor. It looks like Lil Wayne’s “Lollipop” is going to be the next video (boring), unless we can organize a campaign to bring Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” up from its current stagnant position of 20 dollars bid. As we all know, the Oracle told me that if we can get the Rock-afire Explosion to Rick Roll someone, the prophecy will come true, and the internet will implode. Finally.