Chance: A Retrospective

On this week’s I Love Money, the powerful Stallionaires alliance was dealt a major blow when Pumkin as the Gold Team’s paymaster eliminated Chance. (Writing sentences like that is my life now.) Meaghan managed to squeeze through to another week despite being one of the most hated people in the house by convincing Pumkin and Brandi C. to join her secret alliance of idiots. Seriously, they’re like the Illuminati, except instead of controlling everything behind closed doors, they control nothing and have trouble opening doors. While it was only a matter of time before the Stallionaires found themselves on the losing end of this competition, considering that their power in the game seemed to come mostly from yelling at people about how powerful they were, it’s unfortunate that it had to be Chance. He is by far one of the best reality show contestants of all time (sorry Toni Ferrari).

Chance vs. Mr. Boston

Chance vs. Real

Chance vs. Tango

Chance vs. Tango Reunion Episode (starting at 5:07)

BONUS: Chance and New York kiss

Goodnight, sweet Chance. I’m basically one billion percent positive we haven’t seen the last of you.