Pay-Per-View Is A Dinosaur

Speaking of hitting people in the face, I was on Yahoo!’s UFC page, because there is a fight coming up this weekend between Georges St-Pierre and Jon Fitch and I WAS CURIOUS. The reason I wen to the site is because I don’t own my own bar & grill, so the idea of paying 45 dollars to see the fight on Pay-Per-View without the promise of buffalo wing revenues to cover the cost becomes less and less realistic. You can actually draw an inverse line between buffalo wing revenue and comfortability with Pay-Per-View’s price point, and as the buffalo wing revenue goes down, so does the comfort level. It’s simple math, but I can’t teach you how to do math. Anyway, I was lured to the Yahoo! site because there was a button that indicated you could watch the fight on-line. And it’s true, you can. FOR 45 DOLLARS!

Check out this amazing deal.

HOLD ON. For 45 dollars I can watch the fight streaming on-line, and then I can revisit the streaming footage as many times as I want for 24 hours? And it’s only 45 dollars? This is on the regular internet, right? I don’t need to buy a new computer or something? I can sit at my desk in front of my laptop on a Saturday night and for the low price of 45 dollars, I can open up my internet browser, point it to, and the fight will be there? Incredible. But how does that work? Clearly Pay-Per-View isn’t running a charity, how can they be so generous?

What a fucking joke. Pay-Per-View, not the previous paragraph. Pay-Per-View is the fucking joke. Oh, and Joe Rogan. So two jokes.